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Group Offerings:


Power to Choose



Groups can be a scary place for most of us! Yet, they are often the source of of the greatest healing. Our wounding takes place in relationship so it is best healed in relationship. We were not meant to walk this journey alone.


"Connections" is a group based on Brene Brown's book on shame entitled "I thought is was just me". In this group, we find out we are not alone in our feelings of inadequacy and imperfection. 


"Power to Choose" is a 12 step group for women who are struggling to change any life controlling issue. Whether it is alcohol, food, drugs, low self image, depression or relationship issues, this process brings life changing freedom and gives us a "roadmap" to how to maintain this freedom and peace on a daily basis.


"Boundaries" uses the popular book by Cloud and Townsend and gives insight and guidance on how to get back our lives and stop saying "Yes" when we really mean "No"!




Some comments from past participants:

"Thank you for leading us on this journey to hope and freedom. I value your courage and generosity to share so much of your joureny with us. You are a model of light, honesty, hope and determination to keep moving forward. I applaud your gifting to lead us in such a kind and gentle way, while pushing us forward to go deep, strech our comfort zones and be honest to ourselves"

"" "Thank you for creating a place that felt safe for me to come every week and share. It was in this safe place that my heart opened up in a way that I didn't know was possible. You have a gift for accepting each of us where we were, yet helping us rethink our choices and make decisions that create peace, joy and well-being in our lives"

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