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Who am I? 

Rebecca K. Griffith, MA LPC-MHSP

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College 

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Mental Health Service Provider (MHSP)

     Rebecca received her MA in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and worked as a counselor in private practice for 9 years in Columbia, SC before moving to Nashville in 1998. She is the mother of 4 daughters, ages 25-35 and has 2 wonderful son in laws. Rebecca is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Association of Play Therapy.

     Rebecca’s favorite population to work with is young children (ages 2 -8). She has been trained in child centered play therapy and is fluent in “play speak”- the language children are most comfortable with when expressing emotions! She also works with adults, both individually, as couples and in groups. She uses a Christian 12 step model in both her group and individual work. In her work with couples, she helps them to explore the core needs and vulnerabilities that have led them to a place of pain and conflict and then helps them understand how knowing their core value can lead them to a place of healing and restoration in their marriage.




Often, the events that happen on our journey, the relationships we form and the hurt we may experience, cause us to give away our power. We allow others to define us, how we feel, what we think....we may even become victims. One of the greatest principles in life that I have found is that "Inner peace begins the moment you chose not to let another person or event control your emotions" (Pema Chodron) 

The process of discovering that we have the power to choose is not always easy. We have been blinded by our experiences and can not see the way out. Counseling is a partnership that helps shine light on the next step of the path to reclaiming our power, our joy, our life.

   Rebecca is an amazing counselor.  We have been working together for over a year, and I can't begin to tell you the difference she has made in my life.  She is compassionate, authentic, and truly cares about her clients. With her guidance, I've been able to work through my past struggles and have learned healthy ways to deal with my current struggles.  



Individual client age 34



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